maanantai 6. huhtikuuta 2015

Good morning

I wake up in the morning by a gentle
whisper, love
between people sleeping
moment yet.
I am already in the forgetfulness
on the road, I no longer believe in miracles.
Now the world's balance
is upside down, I would to God would be
someone next to me, which is now
I would hug. I say to my
still here I run,
I know the secrets of these
clichés, I hear phrases
rocking melody.

I always do my best,
you could be a rose
I would plant an orchard.
Even in this unstable
period of time, I'm somewhere far away
behind the words.

You could be my friend, grab
so warm in my hand.
I long for a soul mate,
sometimes the world on the road
I'm lonely, I do not want
more tears to swallow.

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