sunnuntai 5. huhtikuuta 2015

Do not worry about

Do not be concern about the, do not be sad.
Come with me for a moment to rest,
hold the pad closed when the
we reach Nirvana.
Do not push the fox tail man's armpit.
You red-haired, you are to me
passionate charming witch.
So as the stars of heaven, thou
the soul of the man you twinkle.
Then, when we get up in the common
Love Boat, as the waves
side by side against the current swing to.

Even before the start of the countdown

promised to each other. You're the one
the soul of the marvelous, which is able to smash
a man's heart. Do not go away
next to me will remain forever. my heart
passionately beside beats.
Sparking a thousand night
hot fire ball hits the ground space.

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