torstai 9. huhtikuuta 2015


Where is the nail in the sky,
curved, and long beautiful neck?

Fly to some place above,
with strong wing with impacts
a good reputation.
Finland's national caresses embrace.
Swan symbol of good,
we all know that.
There is hardly any Finnish
product we buy?

The world as an open plan
fly to an end the swan song.
Then position the wings 
of a bird's proud of that.
Here, grasslands, forests, fields of green
wind rings.
I feel very sad,
when the birds in autumn
leaving to fly to the south.
Winter comes, I miss them so,
I go alone in the summer dreams.
Spring joy it brings to my chest,
when they return back
in large flocks in the load bearing wings.

So to return again to me
flocks of birds in the summer.
I agree with myself to sing,
Spring chorus kicked off.
Here again is the bird's song is playing,
I do not feel sad for a moment.
Spring it comes to life.

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