lauantai 4. huhtikuuta 2015


Lamps light up when it gets dark
maybe the last evening.
You go to the last take-off
wings of the moth.
You will fly always towards the light,
It is your soul flight,
and the final destination.
Grief wears a veil
The last night in the dark of the bride.
Blazing flames of the above
by the fire, and sparks
fly there and here.

It is time to say goodbye
you go out,
I'll stay here for a while.
I see the trembling hands,
and the man's very selfish.
Time does not allow for mercy,
no moth wings
forever away somewhere to carry.

I remember when I was
young woman with dark,
I sang campfire dance,
and longing guitar playing.
I sang then always as
the nightingale, and the night vibration
wild vibrato sounds.
Then the period of the steppes
ran wild horses
brushes swaying in the wind.

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