sunnuntai 14. syyskuuta 2014

Time Traveling

I found some of my world, 
it hangs in space 
I found the ropes. 
It is next to gape 
sometimes it's the moon like cheese 
In my dream, I know how to blaze 
kindle your soul the gas tap. 
On the way I run across a utopia 
Cotton wool angels radar. 
Bells ringing in my soul, 
the cherubim inside me the words to anchor. 
Uni is great, still I miss you only 
next to you. 

I am the woman of fairy tales 
I write my words up with repentance. 
A long time ago got lost in the common fixed star. 
I found it from within a common power source. 
I live on Earth, inside the soul 
of a journey through time period. 
Galaxies intervals will walk with my words. 
Atmospheres around planets, 
it's like an explosion susceptibility between people. 
A couple of the relationship still here, dreaming, 
However, I do not believe in it anymore. 
I am a woman odd, in my soul just floats 
It's my partner. 

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