maanantai 22. syyskuuta 2014

The two stories of the house

The two stories of the house, 
Rovaniemi was maybe a witch, 
hiding the goods. 
I think it was a bad witch, 
storybook lightning. 
Tell the mother of the 
which is not enough words to 
abrakakapra new spells. 

Our mother writes, 
time enough for the story. 
Parrot is a subsidiary, 
sister almost speechless. 

Pharmacy lived in the cat, 
a cozy furs, 
was just a weird cat always well going to be excited. 
Was smoking a cigarette, 
the mice were obeyed, 
silky gloves fighters. 
Rats put his yard, 
dogs received the wrath of God. 

Apothecary was a cat, 
a cozy furs. 
The cat was then Krumeluun 
correctly fame, 
the cause of the pharmacist's cheerfulness. 
Tomorrow, while the new thing, 
is at half six.

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