sunnuntai 21. syyskuuta 2014

Summer memories

Summer memories, they carried the
disastrous external storage. 
Item will arrive in October, the child's sand shovel, 
and a bucket stock over the winter dusty. 
Every spring, the new sand shovel in the rhythm 
sand box inside a block of flats being heard. 
Do not be evil cake, not a good cake. 
Autumn cake decorated with berries of rowan. 

So many autumn, and I have taken 
sand cake photo. 
The old tradition of the hope to continue 
so long as I live. 
Wind may leave all the leaves fallen, 
but the sandbox in my dreams 
play many of the winter night. 
I, and the children, grandchildren after 
over the years, it is the illusion woman's melancholy.

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