sunnuntai 21. syyskuuta 2014

Colors of autumn heart

Colors of the heart, they stick to the leaves of trees, 
autumn colors gradually arrives again. 
It is autumn, 
me with pride is stripped clean. 
I am the Daughter of the bride, paragraph, first in my hair 
silver crown put on him his ornaments may be. 
Even more women are needed to generate 
daughter of the mother country, 
or to push bouncing baby boy into the world. 

Frost limit the outline of the heart, where 
all the love went away, longing fills my heart. 
Swans plow point again to form, 
Finnish Maiden, where the maiden lamentation lid? 
Groundfrost are needed, you must call the
 ice throughout our continent. 
Per day of a new rise again, 
I take up against the complainants,
 the most beautiful languages​​. 

Fingers raise languages ​​over, I close my tunes 
a warm embrace. Dance the sky, dancing in March 
I am a woman I'll call, I sing, lift up the swan neck. 
Enter into the air sounds become,
 the Daughter of a lullaby to a woman. 
the skies maid sings a lament, over the coming winter. 
The Big Dipper by shifting the stars, where Ilmatar 
your mother, your father is sitting in? 
Seven Star under the heaven high window.

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