tiistai 30. syyskuuta 2014

Morning increase per day

Morning increase per day, 
when the world wakes up, and 
people's time, no one 
no longer needs contact with the tears. 
I always hope the night, 
someone next to heat. 
Love the tomb has been erected 
rocky knoll. it is 
the name of the first love of my youth. 
Those who for many years 
I walked with you, and circle 
you split closed. 
Those years sometimes strikes 
strange longing. 

Our destiny karma, it was wonderful. 
As much I loved you, 
when I was a teenage princess. 
Last years shall you again you felt 
longing of the heart, you would have wanted to 
go to the altar hand in hand 
youth of love. 
So we had them a couple of song 
Young love.

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