maanantai 8. syyskuuta 2014


So at last the morning comes 
finally, the more I miss the broken 
After my nights. 
Who could illuminate 
large window of heaven? 
Now the sun is shining down on the world. 
Who opens the curtain of the cloud, 
and the heavens blind? 

This morning writes, 
the week beginning a new tune. 

I swallowed all 
words that come to town. 
I slept for a century dumb? 
as Sleeping Beauty. 
Night shadows, and the thorns blanket. 

I want to throw these out 
all the words too long 
unspoken. The same rhymes rhythm, 
and the passion to find me even more. 
I'm so like a young wild deer, 
ready for future large jump length.

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