tiistai 9. syyskuuta 2014


Soon the trees will fall 
summers leaves. 
A strange woman cause 
without a soul to be saved. 
Juice footprints, 
write a mantra 
Finnish language 
words, a whip to gallop him. 

veins yet 
the anger of the blood 
wild power. 
Over the news 
he writes, 
a great commotion. 

Breaking Dawn, the soul 
I said to arise from sparking. 
Given up the words of the head of 
benefit when 
sentence by a row 
marched in the queue. 

The ideal is to seed 
great philosopher, 
it somewhere covers, 
I hid the books. 
Today I get lost in the philosophy of 
the sacred labyrinth of. 
I hope some wisdom 
Day to give. 
Over the goodness of news flow 
wind carrying the message.

@ tanninen satu 

Juhani Juice Leskinen (before 2006 Pauli Matti Juhani "Juice" Leskinen, February 19, 1950, Juan rapids - 24 November 2006 in Tampere) was a Finnish singer-songwriter, lyricist and poet. In addition, he worked as a translator and columnist. He has been called the "Finnish pop music as the cornerstone," and "Finnish rock music father figure". 

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