sunnuntai 7. syyskuuta 2014


The word is free, and the idea of ​​ready to move on. 
This is my life and no one else. 
I'm ready for life hanging on a rope swing, 
bones to become brittle. I wonder how we could 
take better care of each other before 
all too much backwards, regressing. 
This feeling inside me after a moment to intensify. 
It's indifference to all things, 
will never succeed. 
Oh, those defenseless children, young people, elderly people, 
we have to take full responsibility for taking care of others. 
This society, in this life, 
all of the most beautiful roses wither prematurely. 

Where are the girl, and his boyhood after 
from when they first fall in love? 
Family grounded, not all support networks, 
no security around, the number of helplessness. 
They are many elective front of the doors, 
so many wrong paths. 
How can one be a good breeder, just like that? 
Because I have been kicked out of the nest the cuckoo chick? 

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