tiistai 23. syyskuuta 2014

Stream of consciousness along the

Stream of consciousness along the 
Canoe passing the night 
subscribed by the moon light 
along the flow. 
I pokahontas, 
strong woman, 
in the same spirit, and the mortal. 
I have the power 
to the flow. 
The power of love to share 
I get up in the moonlight, 
the water to go to the beach. 
In my mind's not a coyote, 
howling in the moonlight. 

My heart will always be, 
apparently affectionate. 
Time and time again disappointed, 
're the only one worthy of my friend. 
Man in the moon-faced, 
jack of spades odd, 
where a deck of cards the second pair is? 

I am on the way to the last home. 
You know even across the border in me? 
I have increased the buffer, 
hard with your fingers chastise, 
The Handmaid of the world. 
Without love I was left, 
the darkest corners of the hidden. 
My soul is a sinner stoned.

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