maanantai 29. syyskuuta 2014

I do not know if I'm awake

The ruins rise up again lonely 
odd moon. So lonely that he, 
who love to give evidence may be so many lovers. 
Considers it around, and capture the essence of a new life, 
under the arch of heaven enormous. Where would it all 
Mrs. moon, ball-shaped red-lipped mouth with laughter? 

Summer after all it was just here, but already withered away. 
Warm weather, if it is here, we always have you. 
Then no-one will ever drink hot tea with you. 
I am a tame pigeon, the flock of unique 
which I have not even, pecking order, it will be the last. 

Again, I do not know if I was not awake at all times, 
or Did I go to sleep sometimes. 
It's the same fatigue, looking for a place inside of me, and for some 
memories of yesterday, the mirror reflected back to the hallway. 
My mind was a short flight between the words of a boomerang returning? 
Where is the way, and the truth, the dreams of yesterday. 
Often, the loneliness inside me to dig a huge pit. 
Joined by a friend, a woman needs a narrative, 
when the carnality of power for some part of the handle squeeze. 
A strange hypnotic stare, it needs inside of a resident 
sky, and the love of rocking of land. 

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