tiistai 16. syyskuuta 2014


The night creeps slowly out of the 
morning my way to visit. 
Dreaming of summer still like this. 
The butterfly flies 
at the 
when the summer wind 
over the heath is. 

Flower by a bee, 
nectar collection. 
Over my lawn 
toes free 
shoes must go. 
Now I want a natural child 
by law, 
naked in the wild to roam. 
Over the meadow to the 
which hides a great love. 
I weep for the beach among the reeds, 
the loneliness of life. 
Sun the most important 
is, just take a moment to 
dragonfly flight. 

In the autumn I'm like 
a sentimental hedgehog, 
spike under the bark, 
hidden sorrow of mind 
beach grass under a pile. 
What might that emotions, 
when love lost 
throw gets. 
I have my feelings in prison, 
and certainly not appropriate 
the key to open the shackles gets.

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