torstai 25. syyskuuta 2014

Stalled silence

I listen to the whisper of silence. 
They hear the sound of the new. 
Now I see the glory of the whole world 
my eyes. You and I, will not return 
no longer a thing of the past. 
Tomorrow, it's a new road, 
a new opportunity ahead of us 
here takes. 
The whole world, niiaan, you worship 
me to the dance of love. 

There is a moment in our lives shared, 
it may be the beginning of a new love, 
or the moment last. 
Ear whispering time it is 
halt in silence. 
The sound has a whole new, 
new day, new adventures ahead of us is. 
Blowing in front of us freshen 
storm winds of fate. 
Now I can see the sun. 
I am a daughter days of the radius, you 
a silent shadow of the moonlight.

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