sunnuntai 30. marraskuuta 2014

Even in the midst of frost live in love

Even in the midst of frost live in love
Deep is the words of the swamp,
my way to take boggiest
sources creates.
Causeway bear again,
even if there is frost weak maas.

If a man walking next to me,
so perhaps he would be mine,
Such high-o'-fire,
bear country, and the sky,
northern lights the fire.
Where's the lie I
beloved, which would be more expensive
the secular gold?

Oh cranberry sour berry,
where you grow, you can withstand frost
cold weather? Fin is your home,
let picking berries.
Improve women's diseases,
you are a gentle man,
a living woman.

I am lost,
light it will-o'-the-wisp,
which melted in your lap.

Even in the middle of the frost
invites you to the swamp, embed, sing
puli, puli. The snow was raining,
off again melted. November
unto that man, my heart
place the tee. Give the woman
hand, heat heart.

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