keskiviikko 12. marraskuuta 2014

A strange night

Night talking about one of those quiet speech.
My name is Pandora, I
the night the only metaphor. attached
worn phrases.
You will be inside them chained,
the night wrapped in black velvet.
The Paradise is the key in my hand,
map of refreshingly to the source.
Eyes devoured you,
secretly eat your soul alive.
I am a gentle demon of the night.
Love is like a quagmire,
invites the fallen Pandora will create.

Love overflows its edges,
the sky is shining attractive
pallid moon. By the hand of another
hand, tango dancing couple under the
black rainy sky.
Sleep off somewhere lost,
I rise up to the words airship.
Pandora's Box key
I dig something up.
Words from the escape,
when the box lid is opened.
Love the atmosphere in the night
secretly breaking, two
heart secretly in love with each other.
Poor old it may be that the
fights, hide your head in the sand.
It is now November, the gentle
magic night.

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