sunnuntai 30. marraskuuta 2014

Mother Earth is crying

A large dose of a holy anger,
torture, remorse,
who is weak in the flesh hates?
Children darkness
running around the garden.
Towards Christmas, only darkness
thickens. The key around his neck,
he cries out to be a mother
window, when obtained
The grace of the key to the lost,
some seek, while the world
trembles. For me, comfort
Now bring the message of something.

Mother Earth is crying
black oil-stained tear.
I never do anything great,
man bends over in front of the country,
and prays toward Mecca.

Atheist as anakonda,
squirms under the cross.
Children must not be intimidated,
Devil or available to the.
Salty water pollution,
November cries, it's pouring rain.
My mother she is resting,
heart of the earth, and that I below.

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