torstai 20. marraskuuta 2014


Passionate whisperings of the sunset
time, which resulted in a frenzy by your side.

I am present in every single cell.
I got lost in your lap, on this dark path.
You're landing on my side,
me peeling lips, open the clams.
Time agrees with the magic of the second,
meteor storm you got the time.
I hear in my ears Saturn
tire noise, the moon promptings.

Our bodies swing of the arches
created by the Big Bang, I hear
black holes intoxicating fragrance.
On my skin, your skin cranberries run.
Musk, and water, sea initial discharge.
Love, it is all the rage, and craving
in a few minutes on the skin while tedious.
Jealousy, fear,
the never-ending drama.

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