perjantai 21. marraskuuta 2014

My heart is too gentle

Yes, the world is a bad place,
the blues to play the guitar,
and the balalaika. bottomless
shafts collapsed souls
call the edges.
I shiver in the dark
I go to the corner.
My heart is too gentle.
Smooth beats, beats,
The hard shell over the heart of man.
What is needed is a comforting hug,
the world today is too black.
I look forward to the tunnel,
the light at the end of it to see them.

Karma will increase the interest rate,
to the widow, and the fatherless,
a coin loose
clenched squeeze.
Arrives at the scene of greed,
take everything out of the receiver.
The evil lurking in the corners
swallows everything he gets.
The death of a horse running away
the ride. So it is quite
too heavy.
Malice to invest in a rusty
Roulette. I just through that door
casually in, out
to carry. Then, in walked a man,
who knows all the evil.
Robbed the orphan coins,
cut the ears hear,
removed the peg people think.
Sounded evil,
broke the eardrums of goodness.

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