lauantai 22. marraskuuta 2014


I sleep restless sleep,
until the new morning dawns,
and the cries of the morning dew pearls of land.
Mist creeps over the grain fields,
I'm lonely under the blankets.

Morning red sky color to paint again.
Night frost with flowers hurries out of the way.
Night goblin out of here is,
when you wake up sunshine the daughter of the sun.

I have hand contact with none,
an orphan alone in foreign lands.
Son of man alone,
without parallel wanderer;
without the same gate opener.
The lock cover, my soul,
sounds suffocated waiting
out to the caller.
Sticky in my hand,
share with me this day.

As in millions of ways,
the world of writing.
Then millions of ways
I love the Finnish language.
And the day of darkness creeps over the rooftops,
I am a woman of thousands of words rhym.

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