sunnuntai 16. marraskuuta 2014

My dream

I no longer have anything to say.
I confessed my love for you.
You know my feelings, my words, I
just strangling.
Rhymes flow, such as water overflowed,
wherever I go, wherever you go.
Position inside the songs, new chords tuning.
I am a muse, I understand that the life of
ugliness, the beauty of walking into a trap.

The beauty of my dreams,
and the monster side by side in the case,
does not start after the end of never displayed.
Love, the feeling of a large indefinite, it removed
the world all the barbed wire, fencing is.
Again in the morning to play the first violin, I
I join with my words today filled to capacity.
More than the current call is, the voice is
Now it is again time to ascend springboard.
As a spring which the violin strings
more than dance, aria gets.

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