keskiviikko 26. marraskuuta 2014

Mother Earth's daughter

I feel the wind on my skin,
it is up to me to carry scents.
I once wore,
as Kalevala Aino
Drape yourself in clean linen.
Now, still under my feet
during the summer months,
folds in the grass.
Time passes over me,
Mother Earth's daughter, I am he still is.
So many grew up here
I gave birth to life.
One of the great dream, is this
the whole great creation.
Finnish winters full of snow,
cotton balls, cold soft.
Sometimes the heart is also covered with ice.
Mother Earth's lap as the cradle
little child, I feel the world
thousands of scents.
I hear your voice a little brother,
we were just kids,
and in one was shipped.

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