tiistai 11. marraskuuta 2014

I love you

I will kindle a purgatory of its own,
alone at the time of burning may be,
I go wherever I travel.
A pinch of play mute,
you will never be me oral 
suspension frequencies.
I do not get any of it was said,
Who likes the bowels.
Item has already been output driving,
I love you. 
I confess it or not I create a new
a song, compose a new tune.
Restlessly up and down past you
constantly walk.
Love the crazy swings in November,
author of fists pounding the cerebral cortex.
Words to ask out to write,
fill in the rest of the controls in the almanac.

In a hurry and desperate love, the tide inside,
business it creates inside me a strange tone.

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