sunnuntai 16. marraskuuta 2014

I do not find your way road

I do not find your way road ever
I know, I feel you near me yet.
Soul symphony echoes lonely room.
The residue of yesterday's energy, I feel the echo
the feeling of an old love.

Whenever it is said, is so easy to fall in love again.
But I found out the hard way
There is no lasting love at all.
It is the road that leads towards the pain.
Can still be a lonely canoe stream
slightly more than ever to roam free.
I found that love was more than just a game.
Foolhardy only to the full bet.

But you will lose always the true love.
Do not have a lot of luck inside a lonely heart.
Memories, they are like gentle floating platform
which runs through the years, gets there
about through the thousands.

I do not find your way road ever,
love is like a mirage, which
off is lost, turn off the autumn mud.
It is always a go, kings,
I did not catch it though.
Over and over again I feel the call
attractive, and it gets all the way past.
The days are warm as well as attractive mahogany.

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