keskiviikko 26. marraskuuta 2014


The viewer's eyes the beauty of longing,
the stem of the second webs anger of bends.
In cold weather, the organ in the darkness
call the vibrating fingers in November.
Twilight elephant in the room, and the life
unforeseen bumps.
During the cold winter,
needed to warm Hats.
Hearing the sound of bodies 
cherishes harmony,
it causes
I am often an illusion.
Build breakable glass houses,
dream-created illusion.
Sound sugary trap, promises
always women rose garden.
Clowns, fools and not a long time
Hook me. Auervaaran point,
turn the pages fast pace of life.
I am ashamed of the pain, I try to fast
over the life of ledges to roam free.

Today I write,
a little while.
May I results in a small poem
the poor, if I can create 
a feeling of burning?
I look at life
the black lanes of the hidden shadows.
It's a sunny little moment comes,
a leprechaun gets a moment
to dance. During the spring thaw on the
echoes the November March.

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