maanantai 29. kesäkuuta 2015

The World's blue sky

The World's blue sky is reflected,
my country above. Mother earth caress,
the wind and cumulus clouds in a gentle embrace.
Do you still remember how it felt the child
foot cobblestones?
How does it mirror the ice skating beach locations
growing up is dangerous.

All busy is displayed on the calendar.
Not found any more trees to cut with grandpa
granny's shed

Sointula is expected to retire access,
when the summer vacation, it is busy,
and all its own. Childhood Summer Vacations
Finland as a whole was run
with family
rushed through. What about the lesson then,
what you saw in passing?

Raahe, a cold windy sea beach,
Fantin bay love red santa.
Maybe I can get to join the wind right here?
- I'm ready to fly everywhere
blowing in large, small breaths of air,
no burning rush to the world.

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