sunnuntai 28. kesäkuuta 2015

Crazy and wacky

Stood in anger in my back yard. 
He spoke the lust,
the words of beads of sweat meat. 
Stood love, stood in meat, 
or was it anger you? 
Words end of words, 
the feeling of others I always wake up. 
The kitchen window was
reflected in the concrete jungle, 
slum suburb gray boredom,
everyday, or on Sunday. 
Stood love, stood sanity, 
and he rhymes Finland farces 
Let's Toivo Kärki.

The moon whispers come on,
the wind sings songs. 
Six quietly listening to the night kisses. 
Metal Roof silent sighs, 
corrosion protection, if you will excuse me. 
So it Juniper nation needs its own poet. 
Ruunebergs Finland In the night,
banging on the words of the 
smiths drift ice.
I and the Father are they crazy and wacky, but. 
The last word after the dot murdered.

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