perjantai 19. kesäkuuta 2015

Midsummer lighted in the night

We have always been,
seers, and storytellers.
We always noticed
when the time is ripe.
Somewhere waiting for thirsty souls
need of refreshing the soul food.

Midsummer lighted night,
the purring of magic-talented 
cunning straddle carrier.
Spinning magic of the network to prey on
small delicate fairies.
Inside the stories grow,
the beginning of the ages.
From the Finnish mainland rose
from the sea. Then lived in
a fairy tale characters
full blade itself. Elves ruled,
trolls intimidated, and forests were
full of life.
Gnomes were awesome, power
fought for the light, and darkness the people.
Then were born the poems singers,
We were there when the primitive
circumstances, people fought for life.

So were spent in the beautiful summer nights
through the centuries.
Stories continued their 
march through word of mouth.
Until some of them up was collected,
annexed to the Kalevala.

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