torstai 25. kesäkuuta 2015

Now that you have it

Now, when you're there,
so you stay just a little longer?
Late summer building a great magic,
In the eyes of the cherub,
lights up the brightest star,
already darkened summer nights;
longing still for a moment to hide
a star from the sky belts.

Now supervisory nights alone
and write off the nasty.
Lanterns across the bay water,
Boats creates a light sea.
My boat is moored under the bridge,
Lake Höytiäinen channel.

Yesterday a man out of the salmon gave,
Mirja inside the bore.
Worms jar Eve rolled,
Satu sauna satisfying broke.

Velvety night lap,
throw a mist over the wind.
Summer Night great magic,
I spend time in the middle of summer.

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