tiistai 30. kesäkuuta 2015

A sleepless night

Point I get involved plot,
I open the door to the bathroom.
I studied topography
a tired old woman.
Add fat in the face,
lack of sleep inside me grows.
For some strange reason,
I do not trust anymore fate.
I see a jet curtain ships,
I wondered for a long time dream of mine for you.
It is only this moment,
here and now.

I have insomnia
cross, woman and man kissing
in my dream. They were the ones
past forms.
I, and he is now being
Only Elise shadows of this
mad fate.
My soul inside,
describes a handsome man,
as well as its former adolescent self
describes velvet box position.
Cycle of life, sometimes
stroller error shops
give back.
I have memories of wearing out,
flight of ideas,
it is a never-ending, and
too brittle and fragile.

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