tiistai 23. kesäkuuta 2015


It was a moment when money falls on my shoulders
mink fur coat. I feel around me the wrath of

Wrath of my touch

the spirit of innocent animals
on my shoulders.
Somewhere far away from Greenpeace

makes shock farms:.
Fox work with makeup shaded
eyes compete for the night
with the darkness.

In this world fights

Standard of living, played on the oil-stained
cards on the table against the clock.
There, where the oil runs on troubled waters
polluting beaches, killed
life at the expense of money.

Human Fates touching each other.
Time tattoos avarice of others

shoulders, others to donate
the good Samaritan of the soul.

Greed, it strikes the harsh claws

child labor in the neck.
They underprivileged sew
us cheap clothes,
soft toys Creator lellikeille.
But history has stained

themselves innocent blood.
Just as pirates sailing

still today
somewhere far away at sea.

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