lauantai 27. kesäkuuta 2015

Finnish Maiden

Mother Earth is pregnant back in the autumn of her daughter.
September is the time for giving birth, and the viper of September, when singing,
when it's time to birth-pains.
Then it is a hectic time, full of tears, and pain.
Nature celebrates the feast, and the trees color the the self-autumn colors.
Oh mother earth which is a part of your daughter,
which inheritances, what is the future of tomorrow?

Is it only the pain out of creating?
Karelia fabrics retracing the haunting echoes,
they still someone somewhere to remember, part of spells, as well as poems.
I treated the mind a poem I write, in the spirit of the Kalevala.
My poetry smells of rust, Cloudy down-flowing
the field of pollution, as well as printing ink.

Where is my fiance, in celebration of the dishes?
Celebrate autumn in the power of the will,
dance wedding waltz minor pace .
Harness the Power of the wise horse in front of a stone sled,
the horse to raise the Finnish Maiden rise,
high up in the air, and elovena hair brightness
can be seen all over the world.

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