lauantai 13. kesäkuuta 2015

I want you to be just collector's item

I'm so than the old straddle carrier female,
more and more passionately preys.
I birch frame of weave,
saithe strong winds attractive.
It hovers there, calling,
and venison I miss a lot of time
as the midnight mist creates heaven
veil lace border.
I waved at the tail,
the rhythm of the night music.
Then he looked at me, which I love,
and I felt my heart Tarantella dance.
Now the sky ylleen increase cloud cotton candy,
and straddle carrier female is like Juulia,
which Roomeo wait.
Too beautiful a summer night in March,
I love the eyes of the world.
I hid out, and my network of dance
hips swings.
I want you to be just
collector's item, I do not play with the doll, 
I do not want to be Barbie.
I preys on men in my life, which I love,
the kind who stops himself devalued practice.
Does not ask all the time, I'm sorry that I am such.
There you will not have to do so, you deserve
true love.

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