perjantai 11. joulukuuta 2015

Truckin 'woman

And so shows the shooting star,
woman responds, relaxed.
My arms fall asleep, dreaming gentle.

It is the courage to live,
this numbing life.
Taxi queue woman beautiful,
honey hight heels stumble.

I look in the rearview mirror, 
what it feels like to be a man,
unsure of a weak man?
Who constantly searches for woman
it right.

I am a bohemian and different.
the delicate woman's nightmare,
at night I'm looking for the next victim.
What for Israel to find,
it can not be prolonged.
I think next to a bar table
there's a beautiful woman sobs.

The night shadows get lost in the city,
we accidentally encountered;
and how to go headlong
in love with.

Trucker on the road
slippery winter weather
gently braked.
Every city a new woman,
stupid, and chicken-like.
May be a wise home town
woman waiting.

The journey continues to the next place,
large breasts dreams of the place may be.
I look in the rearview mirror, 
how does it feel to be
man, unsure of the weak man,
who constantly searches for woman
it right. 

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