maanantai 28. joulukuuta 2015

Song as marmalade

I wrote a song, get ready to sing it
as serenaadin
what you will be when I insisted,
a small smile maybe candy, marmalade.
You're doing it again, you get a woman's humble,
pride shine, we educate Years
delete. Yet I between us security barrier
The years of what they gave me, futility
the vanity of it all is yearning, love
slaked. Winds lap I
today here again.

Pen angle will break again until the weary
feet when the heart is at peace in the world.
Fatigue makes the eyes tired
and the time of crawling  for a moment.
How unfortunate country balance
will remain in place for a moment.
You have your palms, I was like
worthless rose a wild jungle.
Here again there is a valley frost wind wheel,
somewhere else in the vine shall grow out of love.
The moment please lonely sleep for.
At night, in a dream I saw the full moon
and I felt my throat as
asphyxion bone.
How happy can be someone, somewhere
where even go hand in hand.
How large palms can do
more than just a hit and pull hair.

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