maanantai 14. joulukuuta 2015

Black whooper

I went too long haul,
even myself off the left the wall.
I went to other worlds,
without realizing one iota,
what is around the corner again tomorrow to see her.
How shocking may be tomorrow?
I find it never lost
a piece of red yarn, I never
a deck of cards to raise spades guy.
King of Hearts is a great asset,
despite being so unpredictable, and the trickiest.
Weekdays they continue to travel,
I will build a dam of emotions inside me
tears until the dam bursts.
Maybe someday here in my 
feelings will become desensitized,
and turns off yesterday, and tomorrow.
Rainbow in December adorns the skyline,
you hair iron right at the bar Sointula.
You say you're too beautiful red haired.
We're like sunshine, and Goblin.
I will go away from the situation,
you get there you stay you will not go anywhere.
This stubborn, scrappy Finnish people,
it is a black Christmas break, is not defending its strength.
I am as black whooper swan,
feather color I would like to change the color, white.

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