lauantai 26. joulukuuta 2015

Pink Pink Ribbons

Thirsty eyes toward the light-
Whereas days
dark. I remember
black craving in December
children's beautiful, ornamented
Christmas trees. Musty
the atmosphere is inside my
closed cranial bone. There is a great pleasure to
within a melancholic man.
pink Ribbons
How much one song 
words can comfort.
Inside the torment of 
unquenchable yearning, it takes it
until inside me off all 
the light of life will disappear.
Christmas has already gone past, 
to face the New Year is celebrated 
on me shirt tea warm inside 
the closing of the island.
Pink Pink Ribbons, 
I would find it to improve
 the combustion of iron.

What is the last of the cancer 
cell will soon be destroyed,
 the evil nasty word cancer,
 it has been too much suffering,
 dirt work. Melanoma destroys 
the skin's surface section
 point piece is cut away from me.
 This is the crazy world of today, 
for a moment I close my eyes the eyes
 of the evils of it. 
I believe humanity of man.

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