tiistai 15. joulukuuta 2015

Juice Leskinen in the footsteps of

I still remember it
granny angry.
He crosses stinging,
sharp, mouth
I believe under the guise of bounces.
I pity him,
smile, no barking
wound inside me do.
Again, I look forward to the time,
Spring streams now magic.
Water in December,
now in the middle of snow
currencies, lmakes a noise.
Whether a moment of weak natural,
a moment of pollution black poor.
To pollute its natural fjord.
An oil slick messes up a wild fox muzzle,
I get on a bad conscience.
I will give rhymes, chords, go to
queue out of the wait.
The world treats me wrong,
piss, it can not be satisfied,
I roll my sleeves to fight.
I remember Juice Leskinen created words
the atmosphere, their footsteps
I travel nimble chords, feet.
Now the winter time passes, you already go,
the spring of hope for the wind there fly.

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