sunnuntai 6. joulukuuta 2015

The castle festivities

I arrived at the market place,
When it was evening already blur
street lamps line
the twinkling stars
alternately one after the other
caught fire.
December evening was
as soon as the wet, and black
the streets of protesters
accelerated the march
starring rain.
Within the heart of Helsinki,
The Parliament building was
fallen asleep in the middle
the polar night. Futility
the altar was dressed today
magpies flock
castle celebrations.
At some trainees
grasshopper in the first violin
For this to be
in the midst of the darkness
dancing beauties.
By rotation, and the bustle of the city
what the media again to celebrate
news broadcast. Not these large
Class differences can be hungry queues
nodding people to zoom in.
Overall, multi-colored set of Dancing
so like a fairy tale princes in the book,
and princesses, as well as the emperor
without clothes. They present
marched in starched collars,
and Seven Days Journal
Sweet gossip gets.
But at some place on the streets
marches restlessly steps
Veikko set of Hurst,
clutches seeking rain
dry to spend the night saving.

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