maanantai 28. joulukuuta 2015

Towards a new year

The wind passes along the frosty
skyline, full moon
on his back the burden it carries.
The frost is plowed
underground, frozen
forests, ravines, ponds
as well as out left watering can.
Passing through it new year
towards what was a year of
2015 it so many mind
pondered. Gold, misery or
perhaps the glory of mayhem
chaos at what Mother Earth
in front is calculated.
Vanity of vanities that's what it is
is man's peace of mind
Finding unbalanced.
Battling through the honor,
as well as your knowledge of him
dig up the roots of their own home country
through the frost. it yet
a lot of time in front of is,
once again, the summer night peekaboo cuckoo.

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