tiistai 24. helmikuuta 2015

Mother Earth is sad

Mother Earth does not know how to be you.
Her bosom, she dry the tears,
the pelvic bleeding wounds syvenneet.
How to use this planet raped,
Law of the Muslim women.
So today I feel worthless
of the women from.

There may be a sadder mother earth.
Chance of pollution you get to fly,
bullet rains wars,
people are afraid of future results.
Wind you fly, debris
eaten ailing gallant bird.
Does not know it can be a person,
what it feels like to die, pollution inside.

It does not have the correct natural life,
how we are to this planet
Does not take longer rise it a bird,
which is suffering in its acquired, 
eating a piece of plastic.
This present world is a family of Suominen.

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