perjantai 6. helmikuuta 2015

Century fatigue

The history of the source code
I may have something to write,
I do not know if I can get it to glory?

Young people, wet superseding
they are
full of semi-finished
rhymes life.
Who they are setting the pace
adapt, create a carrier of the melody?

Home school valedictorian,
coughing lungs to dust off.
Want to earn your own
keep the Spurs.

I poem on Horseback
I jumped once, and without
saddle and spurs staggering
rode. I was like dynamite
filled with gunpowder,
and wore mourning
great pulsating heart.

Now I'm walking in dark alleys,
shadows of fear. angels
I am afraid to face scourgings
S-supermarket checkout queue
I look in vain prince, who
soul kisses this
one hundred years of fatigue.

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