lauantai 28. helmikuuta 2015

Happy Kalevala Day

Feelings of the most beautiful I can interpret
only his own tears.
Hear fiance when I sing,
I sing as the whooper swan.
song of love
unlimited voice I raise.

Sound hae calculation,
maiden Ilmatar.
Sea Sirens of the choir,
I let out.
To you my song choruses
save, joy hae
only once and release.

Kaleva public paths,
the present time, mediators,
chords charming voice.
Sound without over-bearing,
the flood to give.

Plow Seppo Ilmarinen,
plow collectible field,
I will be yours.
I am a daughter of Louhi slim.
My mother conjures yes viper snakes
more, before reaching the
wintry weather.

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