sunnuntai 11. tammikuuta 2015

The innocence of the spirit

The innocence of the spirit,
continues to generate
pulsating movement.
Rhymes, chords
flowing rowing.
The innocence of the spirit,
it will draw my lungs full.

Extremities write unto you,
take up against a network of words
virtual waves over.
The mind strong or gentle
contrite humans.
Stand on their own two feet,
even if they are not
very strong.

The freedom to control handles
they are weak or strong.
Satirical images, terrorist
sharpening punch.
Beginnings and endings,
busy, unnecessary hassles.

Willingness to experiment, to mix
sometimes the sound of reason,
and dispose track of time.
Then I fly again
back to the ground,
I feel falling down
hurt motion is nasty.

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