torstai 8. tammikuuta 2015

A satirical expression of freedom

Just now he was here,
died away, and was buried.
Love unlimited,
modified the mold Pechenga.
These villages of the world,
they never
altered in any way.
Evil is when good,
when a soldier gets
permission to use the sting of.
Satirical freedom of expression, people,
it is only unnecessary hallucinations,
psychoses, and freedom
at its best is a trap.

France grief power can be obtained,
crying in pain part of a lot of comfort.
Apes, on the trail of the monkeys,
banana share with you revolts.
I am no longer anything, when fear
It was decided to move to the east.

Only surrender, and
words, less than cringe.
Start, and something in between the
At the end of the point after the tears.

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