keskiviikko 28. tammikuuta 2015

A broken man

We breathe quietly,
the same air burning.
Yet, somewhere far away
out of reach
you are.
So are the years have pushed the
lines on our face.
Yet, with all our might
I would still love you.

It's time away from you
swept away,
I will again of its common
train track for us
floor build.
The little boy is still you are,
you do not want to play for adults,
they are a burden
to you is unnecessary.
Railway on the floor,
the same rag rug below
you want even more with

How much must
the boy grows,
that the man he can be
a woman to love.
My son,
they are a world away from you
took way too early.
Then broke the flame
your heart,
it never corrected
I can not.

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