lauantai 17. tammikuuta 2015


Freedom of the word sales of freedom,
wrapped around it
satirical cartoon.
Whether the right to freedom,
oppress torture,
freedom cloak veiled
conquer the free second
neighboring country?
Colors of flags of different nations
are different,
and we garments
under different men with different women?
Freedom as pigs
the rotation of the mud.

Straw revel in, to ask
none of the free
the right way to be?
The plates were again we met,
and empty clichés, promises of their
anchored to the force.

Freedom, it is the slogan of the revolution,
and embedded inside the devious viper.
Freedom, it is home to the skull of a troubled hiker,
the one who always wants to conquer another
exceeds the second threshold.

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