torstai 8. tammikuuta 2015

One step lurch

Lurch one step, and
all the strength out of the way disappears.
Heart pain of the dam embedding
to build.
Madness scream, the sound
echoes tomorrow.
Inside is a cry of pain of creation.
Old sf film family Suominen.
Through honor and conscience,
check the condition of my mind strong.

Space echo replies,
I shout into the wind only.
Mother of the laptop is open,
I feel it in millions of ways.
Sometimes the mother
earth paves the way for the bed
I mosses.
The raison d'être,
if only the unfortunate deportation?

Niskavuoren Heta now,
martyr is born.
A new age of atoms,
I walk there today.
I get the virtual airship.

Tattoo it belongs to the soul of the price,
chip under the skin surface of the skin.
Physics and chemistry, this hypothermia.
Quilts now on top of the allowance
until I get to sleep in.
Hands across the chest under the
up the cry of God.
Solitary creation sees
the same nightmare.

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